Monday, November 24, 2014

Bearchild - Wishing Well

Vinyl Monday! Spotlight on local artists: How often do you see a band live first and then buy their album? Indie groups fit that mostly. Such is the case for LI and NYC group Bearchild. Frontman Justin Williams (Ye sIKEA 156 - Long Island Coworkers - past & present, that Justin) has released his groups first new full length album, Wishing Well. It's so well produced and performed you would think they've been doing this for years... Wait... They have been. You just haven't experienced it. From the first song, One you're hooked and really want to see where the record goes. Seeing them live first makes you want explore what didn't make it to the album. Get to their site and get this one now, and while you're there realize how good music is in your backyard. These guys are some to watch. You don't trust me. Pick up the record and prove me wrong. You're welcome.

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