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The Dresden Dolls - The Virginia Monologues - 2015 (2006/2008)

Yup...  That happened.

In continuing my month long picks from the "haul" of  RSD 2015, this one is literally the dark horse.  The dude responsible for the hopefully soon to return video series, Vinyl Patrol, gifted me this incredible 3 LP RSD exclusive Dresden Dolls release last week.  It was part of my original list of stuff to wake up for that morning, but it quickly fell out of my vision as it was quite expensive and actually sold out before I could even get to that area.  Thank the vinyl gods for The Telegraph in New London CT for having one left on my recent tour to the shoreline record stores of CT last week.

The Dresden Dolls are a duo straight outta Boston that many would categorize as a cabaret band.  I had to ask, what the hell is a cabaret band, even after being a fan of these guys since before they were founded about 15 years ago when they called themselves Out of Arms.  Turns out, they're not a cabaret band.  They're Dark Cabaret.  So, what's that?  In my most humble of opinions, if Riot Grrl music was created during the steam punk era, these guys would be icons of the genre.  I mean that both is message, and style.

At first glance one would think that the Dolls were from the end of the New Wave or mid Goth/industrial era.  You're not wrong for thinking that.  Matter of fact, if it wasn't for Nine Inch Nails, The Dresden Dolls probably would have been relegated to regional fame as a niche act opening only for dark wave musicians.  Instead, the Dolls brought something new to music that the sub genres of dark wave hasn't seen before.  They simply removed the electronics.  The duo features Amanda (Fucking) Palmer and Brian Viglione.  Viglione an accomplished musician playing a wealth of instruments including the ukulele, and Palmer, and outstanding vocalist and performance artist.  Combined they relied on their strengths.  In a crowded field of music that was recovering from the alternative, "I wanna die" Nirvana style, The Dolls actually chose to glorify the absurdity of it through performance.  The Dolls have a darker bordering more on punk than manufactured industrial sounds, yet nowhere near the anarchy and anger of punk.  Sounds weird right?  Check this out.

Coin Operated Boy

I'm not going to begin to dig deep enough to sell you on how amazing these two are.  You're either a fan or you're not.  I would encourage you to at the very least listen to some of their lesser known songs to get a feel for just how alternative they really are.  Frankly, The Dresden Dolls are far too easy to mistake for a goth band and to that end a lot of people dismiss them for something they're not.  If you ever had an affinity for adult punk, or were ever in a dark place, or ever just enjoyed a great cabaret show, you'll love them and their message.  For bonus points, find some of their live footage.  It's seriously on the level of Cirque du Soleil.

This release from RSD 2015, The Virginia Monologues, features music from their 2nd studio album, Yes Virginia from 2006 and another album of B sides released in 2008, No Virginia.  Sing, which is easily one of the greatest songs ever performed really rounded that album out.  But, other songs of note from this release include, Backstabber, Dirty Business, and Shores of California.

Shores of California

From No Virginia, which was a menagerie of music that if left on Yes Virginia would have probably messed with peoples heads.  Songs like, The Kill, and the Psychedelic Furs cover of Pretty in Pink are must listens, but you would be doing yourself a disservice by not hearing Night Reconnaissance.

Night Reconnaissance

As you can see from above, this is an absolutely beautiful release.  It was pressed as 3 separate 12" pieces of wax, each marbled in red, white, and blue.  It's a shame I'm so backed up in listening to a ton of everything else, otherwise I would have opened this one already.  Heck, for what it's worth, it's just fun to look at right now.  If you can find this one anywhere, grab it quick while it's still reasonably affordable.  I recommend your favorite local record store.  Bonus if you're in CT.  You might spot one in Wallingford perhaps...  Just sayin.

Next week, Some people call him the space cowboy....  Or perhaps it'll be Strange Day's indeed.  Haven't decided.  #TooMuchAwesomeVinylToChoose

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