Saturday, October 24, 2015

Honest/ly!? Maroon 5 - Songs About Jane - 2002

WAY back in the fairly early oughts...

There once was an indie group from LA
That had lots of insight for their day
Known once as Kara's Flowers
And now as something louder
It's any wonder they're still relevant today

And I stand by that...  However, before I spout off about how much I dislike Maroon 5 these days, I have to go back to when they were great.  I can promise you that for those that haven't heard the early workings of Maroon 5, this would sound like a completely different group.  I'll save the rest of anything I would have said about them or this album when I pick it for a spinning post in the future.  To that end, indeed I'm picking this album soon after it's official proper vinyl release next month.  Check it out and pre-order it on Amazon, and for the official announcement head over to Modern Vinyl

Harder To Breathe

Harder To Breathe was the first single from this album.

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