Thursday, January 28, 2016

Massive Attack - 3D - Tricky - Take It There (2016)

Oh. Shit.  Massive Attack just jumped up and smacked us in the head with a 4 song EP and it's hard as fuck.  Why would a digital EP of all things elicit such a response from me?  Well, for those in the know, Massive Attack is in my top 5 most favorite groups of all time.  This group of random recovering political rap stars from the UK's underground literally created what was known in the 90's as Trip Hop.  Without them, there would be no Portishead, Morcheeba, Nightmares On Wax, Thievery Corporation, Zero - 7, and the list goes on.  From their first groundbreaking release, Blue Lines back in 1991, it was clear that these guys were the voice of a lost group of pre-grunge self-aware indie music listening bunch.  Their music was and to a degree continues to be downtempo electro darkwave for adults.  Their subsequent releases, Protection (1994), No Protection (1995), Mezzanine (1998), 100th Window (2003), and Heligoland (2010) evolved their sound so much and brought so many artists into prominence that it's almost criminal the mainstream isn't listening to this. 

That, however, isn't the only reason this is such a big deal.  The real hook is, this is the first time since Protection that Massive Attack has performed with the original lineup fully intact.  Meaning that Tricky has returned.  Harder than ever.  Tricky is perhaps the most "real" rapper in music today.  He's also a gifted producer.  He's literally everything that Kanye West thinks he is.  From Tricky's first solo album in 1995, Maxinquae, which will be featured here in the coming weeks, you got a real feel for just how gifted he is lyrically and emotionally.  Having the whole group together again even if only for a 4 song EP, is nothing short of brilliance, and a long time coming. If Robert Del Naja is the heart of this group and 3D is the body, Tricky is the soul.  He's the single piece that they've been missing for years, and here released today, you'll find out why.  

If you've ever seen Massive Attack or Tricky live, you know exactly what to expect from these guys.  Some of the most technical displays, hard-hitting messages, and over the top music that not only makes you move but makes you think just important music is.   That said, for the next 4:31 listen to the first single from Massive Attacks newest EP released today, Take It There.  They really took it there.  I hope there's a new full album on the horizon from these guys.  The world needs their music back.  I'll be back with more 90's vinyl next week.  In the meantime, you can reserve this EP on double vinyl over at their website.  Its official release is March 4.  You best believe, I got that on lock.

Take It There

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