Wednesday, March 23, 2016

(UPDATE) Honest/ly RJD2 Peace Of What - (2016)

Update:  After the massive feedback I've gotten, thank you all by the way, I'm going to snag Dame Fortune first thing in the morning and listen to it while I travel up and down the east coast this weekend.  Expect a full WMV vinyl pick post when I get back in town after Easter.  I'll even try to spin Deadringer before I leave Saturday.  Frankly, Dame Fortune is sounding like it may be the "deepest" DJ album in a real long time, I'm talking 90's, to attack music. 

I can confirm that if you're in the New England states, you'll be able to find this album at Newbury Comics, (Call ahead to your local store, it hasn't hit their website yet.), or online through Amazon here.  Not familiar with RJD2?  Shame...  Check these guys out, they're kinda something special.

This is the most psyched I've been over a launch day album since Blackstar.   


So this is happening on Friday 3/25/16.  The Philly Hip-Hop infused Chillwave DJ is back with his 10th studio album, Dame Fortune.  DJD2 falls into the category of music you've definitely heard but probably don't know where it came from.  From what I've heard of the new album, this one is full of guests, and all kinds of new rhythm.  I really can't wait to go on faith that this is as good as if not better than the last few of his albums that I've bought.  Remind me to feature 2002's Deadringer for you one day.

I'll be traveling to CT on Saturday, hHopefully Exile On Main Street  in Branford has this one in stock.  I gotta shop local whenever possible, though if that's not possible for you, it's available through Amazon, and I'm sure if you ask nicely, the fine folks at Newbury Comics ought to stock this one.

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