Friday, June 16, 2017

Sofi Tukker - Soft Animals (2016)

I was turned on to this band after listening to the Coachella stream on a long car ride home back in April.  The crazy thing about this group is, I was resigned to slog through whatever the act was before the one I really wanted to hear, Future Islands, (I'm posting them next.).  I had no idea what to expect.  SiriusXMU is definitely trying to focus on indie artists, but more often than not end up playing the same pseudo-mainstream artists under the guise of indie.  Sorry, Father John Misty is not indie.  Though that's part of a much larger post full of bias on my part, none of which has anything to do with the point at hand.  That point being, Sofi Tuckker's Soft Animals, is one of the best albums that I've bought all year.  I'm kicking myself for not knowing about them sooner.

Sofi Weld and Tukker Halpern got together and collided with Brazilian culture to come up with what has got to be the most incredible menagerie of NYC attitude and Portuguese dance -ever.  I mean, come on... Just. Look.. At... This!

Drinkee - Live at Coachella 2017 Sunday, April 16th

As for their album, it's full of what I would call Brazilian Funk, and lyrics that are so razor sharp, you may even mistake this album as a message to someone.  I haven't heard a modern album this well collected since the 90's.  These guys put together 6 songs that are so far beyond their years, you would think that this was a best of the album.  Of course, I've only heard it on vinyl, so maybe it just sounds a lot better in general.  If you're looking for that summer vibe, this is it.  I can't wait till they come back to the Northeast.

Lastly, and I almost never agree when an artist lends their art to a corporation, ever, but, if you were ever wondering who's music it is behind the current Old Navy campaign, well.  Remember, as usual, I was into it long before it was "in".  ;-)

Check them out: Sofi Tukker
Follow them on Twitter: @SofiTukker
Hear them from time to time on Sirius XMU

Buy their album through their website, or stream it here, and support indie artists!

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