Monday, December 8, 2014

Peter Murphy - Mr. Moonlight 35 Years of Bauhaus Live Ep

Vinyl Monday!!! This one is special to me for a bunch of reasons. It marks a very important period of my life and was basically my soundtrack growing up. This past Black Friday known now by some circles as Record Store Day 2, Peter Murphy (Yes, of Bauhaus) dropped a 10" album of live highlights from his Mr. Moonlight: 35 Years of Bauhaus tour... You know what I've got no words. If you've ever appreciated true alternative music, ever had a goth phase, ever wondered where the Cure got their inspiration, this is a must own. If you can still find this release, get it. Get it on vinyl even if you don't own a turntable. Get it because you enjoy great fucking music! You're welcome. (Special thank you to my coworkers who are beginning to know me too well.)

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