Monday, December 29, 2014

Jeff Buckley - Grace Ltd. Ed.

Vinyl Monday!! For the final Vinyl Monday of 2014 (And the final version of these all together) We're going the Alt Rock way with a a genius artist in Jeff Buckley. He's incredibly multi talented with vocals and his range and his ability to play instruments both conventional and exotic. This album, while experimental in conception, showcases exactly why musicians that are underrated can surprise you with abilities that go well beyond anything you could ever credit them with. On the title track Grace, listen to his haunting vocals and incredible range. Hop over to Hallelujah for his take on Leonard Cohen's original and hear how Buckley's past as a gospel singer got inducted into the National Recording Registry. I'm not opening this record because of it's uniqueness, (#165 of 2000/reissued) I must thank Paul for this. It's a must own on vinyl, especially if you can find an original press, otherwise just get it. Probably one of the most important releases of it's time. You're welcome, and, Happy New Year!

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