Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tricky - False Idols (2013)

Adrian Thaws AKA, "Tricky" was one of the many Bristol artists responsible for the so called 90's "Trip Hop" movement.  Another solo artist whose talent was strong enough to separate him from many labels such as a "Trip Hop" or rap artist.  But this isn't about Tricky the artist or actor.  (He was HUGE in The Fifth Element) This is about his 2013 Album, False Idols. Alternating between his usual blend of lyrical grit and backseat driving to yet another female vocalist.  I don't advise this album if this is your first time giving Tricky a chance.  Start with Maxinquae, however based on this particular albums availability and approachability on tracks like Somebody's Sins and Valentine you should pick this up to have it
when you're ready to experience all of Tricky.

"Does It" Featuring Francesca Belmonte

This vinyl was purchased from Reckless Records in Chicago and came with the CD for the non believers. 

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