Friday, November 27, 2015

Honest/ly: Steely Dan - Black Friday - 1975

Sure, the song is technically about the financial Black Friday of  September 24th 1869.  You know the one, where 2 ass-hat gold prospectors decided to corner the market's gold supply after the civil war.  They bought and subsequently raised the value of gold about 30% above it's normal values simply by hoarding it.  So, then President Grant said, fine.  I'll just release the governments supply of gold to normalize the market, thus devaluing it completely and of course, cause economics, the market crashed.  Fast forward 106 years later, Steely Dan wrote a song about it!  It was the lead single on their 4th album, Katy Lied, an album which despite having only 2 official singles on an album of 10 songs, went gold.  Like a lot of their albums.  More on them later but, Katy Lied is 1 of 2 Steely Dan albums I don't own.  I'll do a proper post on them later.  Think of it as my own little countdown to ecstasy...

More on that much later.  Let's talk about the matter at hand.  I'm still in the process of setting up the rig here in the new place.  As I said in the last post however, I haven't stopped collecting new stuff to spin when that day comes.  To that end, Record Store Day meets Black Friday for some pretty big exclusive releases.  It's the last time for exclusivity till the major Record Store day this April.  If you live close to an awesome store, hopefully one of the few that I've even highlighted here, please do your self a favor and get into a local record shop for some of this.  Check out all of the releases here, then please check out some local stores.

Personally, I'm shouting out that dope as all fuck Beck single from earlier this year.  I've also got to get my hands on the Garbage 20th anniversary album, and while we're in the 90's, Trent Reznor is releasing Halo I-IV, oh and for good measure The Pharcyde has the single they're known for due out.  So when I'm not catering to the masses tomorrow, I'll be sure to hit up a record store or two, cause at the end of the day, it's all about the vinyl.

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