Friday, December 4, 2015

RIP Scott (Richard Klein) Weiland 1967-2015

The 90's will go down in history as another transition in music.  There were 3 main genre's that rulled the decade.  Rap & Hip-Hop, European Electronica Invasion, and Grunge. From all of those there were sub genre's that grew more popular in their circles, and by all rights helped shape and separate the good from the bad.  While much of the music was forgettable, a lot of it was necessary.  If it wasn't for Grunge and Electronica, we would never have had Nine Inch Nails.  If it wasn't for the rise of east coast/west coast rap we would never have known Biggie and Pac.  In a time known for Generation X and their coming of age angst, we would never have had Nirvana.

Somewhere in the middle of all of that were the bands that just didn't give a fuck.  The Sublimes, the Pharcyde's, the Soundgarden's, and notably, The Stone Temple Pilots.

Plush (Core) - 1992

Releasing 4 albums in total beginning with 1992's Core, STP was one of the quickest rising alternative acts of their era.  They played in the same park with all of those aforementioned groups.  In some circles to this day, many may even consider their music classic.  As a matter of fact, their psychedelic sound and grunge era popularity may have cemented them as one of the only groups ever to have singles released and upon those releases, their music is was considered classic rock.

Sour Girl (No. 4) - 1999 

True to form in the music world, genius is often cut short by a wide range of factors.  Death, among the biggest and worst.  STP lead singer Scott Weiland who was plagued with, and subsequently plagued his band(s) with his demons at the hands of sever drug abuse was no different.  Sadly, December 3, 2015 Scott Weiland passed away in his sleep leaving behind a legacy of  great music, and even more pain.

Fall To Pieces - Velvet Revolver - (Contraband) - 2004

I guess that's how it goes.  From Hendrix to Winehouse to John Melvoin to Dee Dee Ramone to Rick James.  Brilliant artists who couldn't live without dying too soon because of their addictions.  As unfortunate as it is, at least their music lives on.

Creep (Core) 1992

If you can find it, and I know you can catch the re-release like now at Newbury Comics, grab a piece of history before vinyl flippers jack up the price for STP's first album, Core.  It's fucking incredible, and necessary for anyone who experienced that era first hand.  RIP Scott Weiland.

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